SGCDpro Media Response

June 4, 2010

The Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products issued the following statement in connection with the recall by McDonald’s of promotional Shrek glassware being sold through the food chain’s outlets:

Members of the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products, including the Shrek glassware decorator, adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing and product safety.

Society members understand the natural concern parents have for what falls into the hands of children, and understand the caution exercised by McDonald’s in the face of a direct request from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What we do not understand is the action of the commission, taken against a product that meets every requirement of law, without any evidence whatsoever that any user of the product was harmed, or stood a risk of being harmed.

To be clear: The product met every government legal and regulatory requirement. While it is true that the metal cadmium was used in ceramic enamels decorating the glasses in question (to obtain yellow and other colors in the applied design), the cadmium is physically altered by the vitrification (heating) process of finishing the glassware so that it becomes a part of the glass, and cannot be transmitted to a user. Furthermore, the glassware easily passed leaching tests designed to confirm that contents of the applied design cannot leach onto hands or lips from the product. This is much different than the case earlier this year (which apparently led to concern in the current case) in which children were directly exposed to cadmium in imported jewelry.

The Society strongly supports application of sound science in rule making, and worked with the government to establish the rules that are in place today.

But the Society strongly opposes what appears to be an unscientific, extralegal reaction on the part of government, including the CPSC, which needlessly alarms citizens and has the potential to harm and cost jobs in a distinguished American industry.

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