SGCDpro Honors Prem Boaz with 2001 Frank S. Child Award

SGCDpro presented the annual Frank S. Child Award to Prem Boaz at its Annual Banquet in Arlington, VA on February 26. The Board of Directors selected Boaz to recognize his outstanding contributions in the flat glass industry, many of which have become popular styling features used by automotive window manufacturers worldwide.

Boaz began his engineering career with the Ford Motor Company in 1964 and has worked within Ford's Glass Division inventing new techniques and processes. Among his contributions is the development of the electrically heated backlite (EHB) from its concept stage to its current mass production level. EHB's are now offered as standard on all car lines. During his career, Boaz has worked in the development of ceramic shields for windshield use, sunroofs with printed sunscreens, environmentally-friendly ceramic paint for automotive applications and a method to include various three-dimensional emblems in laminated quarter windows. In addition, he has created a bright chrome decorative material for use on the quarter windows. To date, Boaz holds 55 U.S. patents for his inventions and has five others pending.

Boaz is a three-time recipient of the Henry Ford Technology Award. He is a consultant with Glass Products Consulting Company based in Livonia, MI. The award is presented in honor of Frank Child -- SGCDpro's first executive secretary. Bud Heinrich was the recipient in 2000, James Keegan in 1999, and the Homer Laughlin China Co., was the recipient in 1998.

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